Daniel Miller Asian Tour Taipei Station


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2016/10/01(六) 23:30(+0800)

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The River (台北市中正區思源街1號 (自來水源區/公館水岸))

活動票券 /

  • 預售票 (2016/09/02 12:00(+0800) ~ 2016/10/01 23:30(+0800)) TWD$400 結束販售

主辦單位 /

PIPE Live Music

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PIPE 電話:02-23653524

英國獨立超級名廠 Mute Records 掌門人

Depeche Mode 強烈衝擊 / Erasure 滅跡 / Moby 魔比 / Plastikman 塑膠人 / Arca 異種王子 阿爾卡 / Swans 天鵝 / New Order 新秩序 等超級大牌所屬廠牌


 Daniel Miller

Founder of Mute Records Ltd.

Daniel Miller is the founder of Mute, launched in 1978 with his own 7” single – ‘Warm Leatherette’ under the name The Normal.

Since then, Mute has grown from Miller’s one-man operation into a global group of companies and today, as ever, Miller remains heavily focussed on Mute’s creative output.


Although he DJed many years ago, Daniel Miller’s recent DJing was inspired by an invitation from Karl O’Connor aka Regis who invited him to perform at a Sandwell District event at Berlin’s Berghain. There he caught the bug to play again and since has been playing regular techno  sets worldwide including Sonar, ENTER at Space in Ibiza, ADE in Amsterdam, IMS at Ibiza, Electron festival, LEAF festival in London as well as at Culture Box in Copenhagen, Bootleg in Tel Aviv and, of course, a legendary performance at M-Nus’ Christmas Boiler Room in Berlin.

Forthcoming appearances include sets at ENTER. in Ibiza , Nuit Sonores in Lyon and Sonar in Barcelona.

Daniel Miller,知名電子音樂家及歐洲知名獨立唱片廠牌「MUTE」創立者,旗下製作與發行的知名藝人包括國際知名的 Depeche Mode, Moby,以及 New Order, Fad Gadget, Erasure, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Yazoo, Goldfrapp, Erasure, Richard Hawley 等總共近五十組的藝人。

英國獨立唱片廠牌「MUTE」由Daniel Miller創立於1978年,致力於電子音樂、另類搖滾、工業躁音、電音舞曲、優雅流行、現代古典等音樂類型的推廣,Daniel Miller身為錄音師、製作人與「MUTE」創立者,一手打造旗下藝人的作品面貌,他被西方流行音樂界譽為是「音樂界的鬼才主理者」。

Daniel Miller在英國藝術學院學習電影和電視製作時首次接觸合成器,開始對電子音樂產生興趣,六零年代開始以電子樂為主的早期創作吸引了Daniel Mille的注意,那些透過合成器創作的原創音色與充滿未來感的音樂類型令他耳目一新,激發了他展開電子音樂創作和製作的生涯之路。1978年他創立唱片廠牌「MUTE」,開始在底下推出個人電子音樂作品,經過三十年來的發展,在Daniel Miller獨特的眼光和行銷手腕之下,「MUTE」現已成為旗下擁有超過五十組藝人,並且享譽全球流行音樂潮流指標的獨立唱片廠牌。

在成功的唱片廠牌主理生涯外,Daniel Miller同時是歐洲知名的線上DJ,擅長運用音色與情緒進行現場DJ演出,目前定期在國際電子音樂流行指標、地中海派對聖地「伊比薩島」進行DJ演出,獲得歐洲尖端舞客和電子音樂愛好者的一致好評。




Jerry Aseret and Vertigo have made the name for themselves as Taiwan's hottest producers, being exposed to electronic music at the young age; they were greatly inspired by electronic sounds and was instantly compelled to achieve their dreams as a world class producer/artist. With that in mind, they started off his DJ career from smaller scale clubs to internationally renowned arenas and has never looked back since. Their passion and self-driven motivation for music has never waned. Their respect for all musical genres truly makes them a class above the rest. Year 2006 proved a breakthrough after many years of hard work, finally developed a totally unique sound – grooving and powerful, ranging from tech house to Techno, always a floor shaker, grooving and perfect for the dance floor. Sounds that transcends beyond even the most discerning ears. Currently, Jerry Aseret and Vertigo are doing releases with many producers around the world like Metodi Hristov, German Brigante, Guney Biçen, Petar Filipov Pepo, Pavel Delev, Mikalogic Hush, Joro Yovchev Joy, Chris Noiz, Qhey, Marco Bailey and more, and their production support from Christine Smith , LUCIANO, 2000 AND ONE, SLAM, MARTIN EYERER, DUBFIRE, KAISERDISCO, DAVID HERRERO, LOKO, HORATIO, PATRICK M, DANNY SERRANO, FABIAN ARGOMEDO, GONZALEZ & GONZALO, PAOLO MOJO, Marco Carola and more...of course in the future, more singles and remixes are on their way to showcase his talents and creativity

 DJ Anthany

DB Studio 廠牌製作人及藝人,曾與 Elvis T. Takkyu Ishino, Ken Ishll, Technasia, DJ Bone等國際藝人共同演出。


 DJ Terrence J

An active figure in the Taiwan DJ Circuit, with more then ten years of expenience building his musical ideas.

Terrence J has continued to explore dicerse areas of electronic dance music, from the minimalist sound set to stir the calm rhythm of a dance floor to faster house music creating a more camical atmosphere and feelings for auditory stimulation.

Extreme emotional ups and downs of the bold fluctuations, strengthen and ineraction between dancers, it is Terrence J own distinctive style and sparkling sets!!

活躍圈中的身影,擁有超過十五年的歷練,建構Terrence J 獨特的音樂主張。不斷探索多元範疇,從極簡科技聲響到沈穩挑動的浩室節奏,利用快慢的速度對比更能引動現場氣氛與感受聽覺狂歡的刺激。極度情緒起伏的大膽波動,強化與舞客之間互動,正是Terrence J 鮮明耀目設定的自身風格!


Give A Man A Mask, He’ll Tell You The Truth

Listen Before You Know Me.......



演出時間:2016/10/1 23:30
票  價:預售票TWD$400 / 現場票TWD$600(含酒精飲料一杯
場  地:The River
地  址:台北市中正區思源街一號(公館水岸/水管音樂)


  1. 本節目網站訂購之取票方式提供郵寄(每筆酌收$49手續費)及全家取票(4張為限,每筆酌收$30取票手續費,請於全家便利商店繳納給櫃臺)。​
  2. 本活動亦可至全家便利商店以現金方式購票,每筆限購4張,不需酌收取票手續費。        
  3. 本節目恕不接受退換票,票券遺失或損毀恕不補發。​
  4. 如遇票券毀損、滅失或遺失,主辦單位將依「藝文表演票券定型化契約應記載及不得記載事項」第七項「票券毀損、滅失及遺失之入場機制:主辦單位應提供消費者票券毀損、滅失及遺失時之入場機制並詳加說明。」之規定辦理,詳情請洽KKTIX客服中心。
  5. 本節目禁止攜帶酒水及外食入場,場內全區禁菸。​
  6. 請攜帶相關證件入場,票券含酒精飲料一杯。